We are Venezuelan company focused on the production, trade and export of fine flavour cocoa beans and its derivates. We strive to increase the yield of our crops, keeping as a driving force the preservation of the natural enviroment. One of our main goals is to reach the "organically produced" certification of our products.

Especialistas Agricolas Integrados C.A.

We, as a company, want to provide our clients with the highest quality possible of Venezuelan Fine & Flavour cocoa beans, keeping the traceability of origin of our products. We adapt our services to any customers’ demans and so become a long term supplier of fine flavour cocoa beans.

Want to know our facilities?

If you want to get to know our facilities, live the experience of the cocoa production and see where all the magic taste from our beans come from, you can come with us and we will guide you through all our buildings, where you will taste the fresness of our products

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+580212 9591947 / +580212 9596926 / +580212 9597536

+580424 3533372

Especialistas agricolas integrados C.A.
Rif: J-4045704268

Our Commercial Office

Office 902, 9th floor, C tower, Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco (CCCT), Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela.


We are commited to become a leader supplier of organic certified Venezuelan cocoa beans and its derivates. Additionally, we plan to expand to the world market offering reliable service and the highest quality products available.


Provide our clients with Venezuelan fine & flavour cocoa beans of the highest quality from different local varieties, with upmost care in keeping the origin of our beans applying a traceability system, that allows us to maintain high quality grains and help the development of good agronomical practices aimed at sustainable cultivation, thus increasing the overall welfare of our farmers.

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